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Welcome to Rodents With Attitude, a guinea pig (cavy) care information source full of hints, tips and information that is easy to digest and aimed at the average pet owner. From feeding to bathing, bedding to behaviour, you’re bound to learn something new.
This comprehensive guide is built on years of practical observation and research and is written by me, trainee Rodent Health Advisor and regular Guinea Pig Magazine “Ask the Experts” contributor and Copy Editor, Kate Butcher.
New owners and seasoned victims of guinea pig slavery can find help, advice and like minded guinea pig fans on our friendly and active forum.
Come and join the herds of guinea pig fans worldwide and discover the joys of keeping these wonderful animals!

A Potted Description of Guinea Pigs
Guinea pigs, the Latin “Cavia porcellus”, or better known as Cavies, are rodents originating from South America, and they are now a popular family pet in many countries across the world. Here in the United Kingdom guinea pigs are considered “exotic pets” by most veterinary professionals and enthusiasts.
Guinea pigs are born in litters of around one to five babies, and the babies are called “pups”. They take ten months to mature, and when fully grown they average at around ten to twelve inches in length. Most guinea pigs live for three to six years, sometimes more. Male guinea pigs are called “boars”, and female guinea pigs are called “sows”.
Guinea pigs are herbivores and live on a diet of vegetables, hay and grass, some fruits, and special dried guinea pig feed. When given a routine, they also know when dinner time is and will whistle with excitement at the prospect of food! They make wonderful pets for adults and children alike, and if they are handled frequently and given a lot of love and attention, they often become extremely friendly and their company is very rewarding. When happy in their surroundings guinea pigs blossom into contented creatures with individual and endearing personalities. They love to talk and communicate and can be very chatty and inquisitive.